Tony served in the RN as a Seaman Officer for 28 years; after early retirement from the RN in 2000, Tony was contracted to work in the Type 45 destroyer Combat System Design Team operated by British Aerospace.  In late 2004 he then moved to a small consultancy providing system engineering services with particular regard to digital data exchange between multiple platforms.

Tony already lived in the Yeovil area when he married in 1985.  His wife comes from Lowell near Boston, Massachusetts; they have 2 grown up daughters and have lived just south of Yeovil since 1988.  He and his family have made use of the patient services at YDH on a number of occasions!

As a result of his career and life experiences, Tony is convinced that good communications, in all forms, are essential to the success of enterprises such as YDH NHS Foundation Trust.  He is keen to facilitate the future work of the Trust and ensure the members are fully engaged.