We have put together a list that shows how your donation would make a difference for patients. We support all of the hospital’s wards and departments and we currently need funding for the items below:

£100 helps us to buy age-specific play equipment for children in hospital

£500 allows us to install ceiling art in a treatment or consultation room. Research has shown that this helps patients to relax by providing a positive and calming image for them to look at.

£1,000 allows us to enhance a ward area with art, creating a less clinical feel and providing a distraction for those patients who are unable to leave the ward

£3,000 pays for one year’s worth of exercise classes for cancer patients

£9,000 would pay for us to refurbish a family-room. Most of our wards have a family room and they play an important role for carers and family members who want to take a break from the clinical environment.

£30,000 would allow us to transform large areas of the Children’s Ward, making them child-friendly and less intimidating for children.

£60,000 would pay for the lifesaving equipment we need for our new Special Care Baby Unit.