Indicative waiting time to 1st Outpatient attendance/pre op assessmentIndicative waiting time from Outpatient to procedure in weeksIndicative total waiting time from referral received to inpatient/DC procedure
New Hip (Joint Replacement)
1 week17 weeks 18 weeks
New Hip (Day Case)1 week3-4 weeks4-5 weeks
New Knee (Joint Replacement)
1 week18 weeks19 weeks
New Knee (Day Case)1 week3-4 weeks4-5 weeks
New hand and wrist6 weeks3 weeks9 weeks
New shoulder and elbow1 week6 weeks7 weeks
New foot and ankle7 weeks8 weeks15 weeks
Paediatric Trauma & Orthopaedics15 weeksN/A15 weeks
General Surgery9 weeks
6-8 weeks for Hernia/Gall bladder;
4-6 months for more specialised surgery
15-17 weeks for Hernia/Gall bladder;
6-8 months for more specialised surgery
Breast Surgery2 weeks
4 weeks6 weeks
Vascular Surgery4 weeksN/A4 weeks
Urology (Day Theatre procedure)
9 weeks10 weeks19 weeks
Urology9 weeks8 weeks for urgent cases; 18 weeks for non-urgent17-25 weeks
10 weeks8 weeks 18 weeks